Three months ago, I already reported , where as an investor you can invest your money in other people’s loans. My initial capital was then 1000 euros and today it’s time for a first small interim report on the evolution of my portfolio.

What is UCP South Central? If you do not know UCP South Central yet, let me briefly explain the principle behind it. UCP South Central is a provider where I, as an investor, have the opportunity to invest in personal loans. If the borrowers receive their money, they then pay it back to investors in monthly installments, plus interest that investors receive as a return.

Let’s start with UCP South Central herself. I think it’s really good how much the operator and the developers are trying to develop the whole range. It provides many interesting usage tips, but also general information on financial topics. In addition, I regularly receive an e-mail to update my portfolio.

My tip: If you know other persons in your circle of acquaintances who are interested in this investment opportunity, then you should be interested in the bonus program of UCP South Central *. You will receive 5% of the investments invested by your friends and your friends will receive 5 € at the opening.


How much return did I get with UCP South Central after 3 months?

How much return did I get with UCP South Central after 3 months?

The question should probably interest most of you. I am already very satisfied with the return, although only three months have passed, this can already be seen. I started investing in December, so the yield was still very low at 2.18 euros this month. Which I also counted on, because after all, the portfolio manager had to first invest the money in suitable loans.

A month later in January, a large part of the money was already invested and thus much higher the return at 22.02 euros. In February, the yield was € 21.17, although this is somewhat lower than the previous month, but February was also significantly shorter from the days.

If I calculate every three months, I get 45.37 euros in interest received, which makes a return of 4.57% at 1000 euros. These interest rates are already the net yield.

Positive is of course also the small time expenditure, since the Portfolio Manager automatically the money in the P2P credits * invested.


What about the risk?

What about the risk?

Anyone who invests his money in personal loans must also be aware of the potential risk that a borrower may experience financial difficulties and that this may result in a delayed repayment or even a default on payment. This is the risk that you carry as an investor in P2P loans. For me, the backlog amounts to 4.97 euros, which has not been paid by the borrowers and is thus overdue.


Summary – My experiences with UCP South Central after 3 months

Summary - My experiences with UCP South Central after 3 months

My experiences with UCP South Central have been good so far. The return after 3 months of 45.37 euros can already be seen. I am very excited about how the portfolio will continue to develop and I will report back in 6 months.