Points, points and more points. It seems as if every second customer at the cash register would participate in a bonus system. Before the actual payment is made, the bonus card is always drawn first, always with the aspect of giving away as few points as possible and filling the account.


When is collecting points worthwhile?

If you look at the bonuses, collecting points is certainly worthwhile. Since I have to do nothing to pay for my purchase, as my bonus card with deliver. However, in my opinion, it depends very much on how and what premiums you get, but this depends on the respective bonus system. Theoretically, collecting is worthwhile for all people. However, it is particularly worthwhile for all those of you who make a lot of purchases in the month or use the Bonunskarten very often, because the higher this is, the more points you get. But certainly benefit frequent travelers who fill up several times a month for several hundred euros, as accumulate here in a very short time very many points. So I have looked at times on www.payback.de the premiums. There you can get useful items such as handbags, cars, cutlery or decoration material in the lower points area. The bonuses will understandably be interesting, the more points you have accumulated. So you would get a LED TV at around 39,000 points or even a cruise from 150,000 points, where saving is particularly worthwhile until you have reached this score.

Very often it is even possible that one can exchange his points for money.


Special bonus systems can be worthwhile

At this point I would like to draw particular attention to the bonus miles of the airlines. Anyone who is constantly on the road as a frequent flyer, should not miss this opportunity, because here accumulate a lot of points and the premiums are very attractive.


Opt for a bonus system

Opt for a bonus system

Bonus systems are now very many. So many purse comes here through the many cards already its limit. Again, you should consider which one Loyalty Cards Points system is really worthwhile and which less. If it really makes sense to take part in a florist scoring system, where you buy a bouquet once a month, or a hardware store where you visit and buy something every few months, more craftsmen or hobby gardeners would be worth it, but who only Once a year a hole drilled in the wall and buys in the hardware store a few dowels, who can do without this bonus system. Here it is much more effective to focus on a few point systems.


When is it not worth collecting the points?


Collecting points is not worthwhile from the time you have to spend extra to get those points. For example, if I’m going to drive my car a detour of several kilometers, just to get points there, even though the nearest gas station is in the immediate vicinity, then you even make losses here. Furthermore, you have to look at the premiums, for sure, these may be very attractive at first, but here is worth the exact recalculation, this is especially recommended for those who are only casual collectors and only a few points a month to generate. Attention should be, if you have to pay for the premiums also. Whereby this is not about the provisional euro but more.


Think of the other customers as a point collector

Think of the other customers as a point collector

Even if the update of the score at the box office lasts only a few seconds, so you should think of the other customers as a point collector and hold the bonus card when approaching the cashier already in his hand or have immediately ready in his purse. There is nothing worse for the underlying customers than if the point collector has to search forever for his bonus card and absolutely insists on receiving these points as well.

Conclusion: Collecting points can be worthwhile. Anyone who makes many purchases a month, as a frequent traveler or frequent flyer is on the road, collects in a short time a high score together.