Joint Account for Couples

  A shared account is an account where two people share an account. For couples, this may be a good idea at first, but here are some things to keep in mind before opening an account. A joint account for planned acquisitions Very good is a common account in my personal opinion for planned or […]

Investing Personal Loan

  Three months ago, I already reported , where as an investor you can invest your money in other people’s loans. My initial capital was then 1000 euros and today it’s time for a first small interim report on the evolution of my portfolio. What is UCP South Central? If you do not know UCP […]

Short-term Loans

  If you need money at short notice, you have a lot of options for this, the short-term loans and mortgage loans are part of it. Both forms of credit enable payment in a short time. Thus, the consideration arises, which of the two variants is the better choice. I have listed the advantages and […]

Investment in Real Estate

Investment in real estate is one of the most popular forms of investment. A home or a condominium is the goal of many people and gives a sense of security. Homeownership can also be used in old age and increases the monthly income as a rented unit. Additional income through rental Real estate is therefore […]

Collecting Points on Purchase

  Points, points and more points. It seems as if every second customer at the cash register would participate in a bonus system. Before the actual payment is made, the bonus card is always drawn first, always with the aspect of giving away as few points as possible and filling the account.   When is […]